How Do Use Countifs Function In Excel

Countifs Formula


COUNTIFS(range to COUNT, range of criteria 1, criteria 1, range of criteria 2, criteria 2) and you can have as many criteria as you need.

criteria_range1 - The range to check against criterion1.
criterion1 - The pattern or test to apply to criteria_range1.
criteria_range2, criterion2... - [ OPTIONAL ] - Additional ranges and criteria to check; repeatable.

it is a little different then the COUNTIF function that could only handle a single criteria.

Usage Notes:
COUNTIFS counts the number of cells in a range that match supplied criteria. Unlike the COUNTIF function, COUNTIFS can apply more than one set of criteria, with more than one range. Ranges and criteria are applied in pairs, and only the first pair is required. For each additional criteria, you must supply another range/criteria pairs. Up to 127 range/criteria pairs are allowed.
  • Each additional range must have the same number of rows and columns as range 1, but ranges do not need to be adjacent.
  • Non-numeric criteria needs to be enclosed in double quotes but numeric criteria does not. For example: 100, "100", ">32", "jim", or A1 (where A1 contains a number).
  • The wildcard characters ? and * can be used in criteria. A question mark matches any one character and an asterisk matches any sequence of characters.
  • To find a literal question mark or asterisk, use a tilde (~) in front question mark or asterisk (i.e. ~?, ~*).

With the COUNTIFS function, it is also possible to calculate the number of elements for a specific period of time and without difficulties.


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