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Blogger Website For Blog


Blogger is blog publishing system that allows multi-user blog with time-stamped entries. blogger are hosted by Google at a subdomain of blogger can also be hosted in the registered custom domain Like

What is the blogger?

Google give us the great platform to create our own website / blog. if you want to create your own website. first, you have Google Account if you don't have Google Account first you create it and Click

Step 1

visit and login with your Google Account 

Create My Own Blogger Site

Click "Create A limited Blogger Profile" and go next step on blogger

Step 2

Blogger Profile Name

Input your display name in Display Name Text Box and click "Continue to Blogger" go to your Home

Step 3

your blogger Homepage

When you Enter your blogger home page. simply click New Blog button on left side to create your own blogger website.

Step 4

As soon as you click "New blog button" popup Window show on your screen to Entering your blogger title and blogger Address like "". Choose your sites Template. Click On Create Blog!

Choose Template In blogger

Finally, you create your own website now your can start posting on your site.

Start Posting In your site


What is Google Account?

You are an internet user. your must have Google account. A Google Account is a user account that provides access to Google Services such as Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Google Adsense, Google Map, Play Store For Andriod, Google Drive and Other Google Groups. A Google Account is Required for the use of Blogger to create your free website / blog, for Gmail to use emailing, for Youtube to upload your own videos, Google Adsense for earning online money. Google Drive For Save your personal Documents and  share your file.

Create Gmail Google Account

How To Create Google Account?

How can we Create Google Account? Simple Click on Create Account to Show page on your screen. Example 

Create Gmail Account
Create Gmail Account


Type your First and Last name

Choose your username

Enter your Favourite username

Create a Password

Enter your Password For Save your account

Confirm your Password

Repeat Enter your Password for Confirmation


Input Your Birthday Date Month Day And Year


Enter your Gender

Mobile Phone

Enter your mobile number with your Country Code

Your Current Email Address

if you have any other Email Account. Enter your Email id for Secure your new Account.

Prove you're not robot

This is Option Prove you're not robot enter text. you want to skip this after Check "Skip this verification (phone verification may be required)"


Select your Current Location 

Check Button "I agree to the Google Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy

Click On Next Step.

How to Create Gmail Account

Your Google Account has been Created Successfully