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how to use advanced filter in excel 2016

Advance Filter

In this post we are learning how to use Advanced Filter tool in Excel 2016, Advance option for filtering using complex criteria. If the data you want to filter require complex criteria (such as "Salesman" = Uzair, "Product"=Pen, "Location"=East) you can use Advanced Filter dialog box.

How to use Advance Filter

Lets start to learning how to use Advance Filter and benefits of  Advance Filter as well as normal Sorting and Filtering.

I have a database of Salesman, Product, Unit, Amount and Location


Database of Advance Filter learning

Range (A1:G3) is criteria for filtering.

Go to Data Tab on the ribbon and click on Advance Filter option in Sort and Filter Group.

When Advanced Filter Popup Window on your screen. Default check on Filter the list, in place, if you check on this option your data filtered on your original database and if you check copy to another location your filtering data on new range. In list range text box select your database like (A5:D1905) and in Criteria range text box select dummy data who you create for filtering like (A1:G3). Copy to text box Disable if you check on Copy to another location radio box Copy to option enable for select your new range. finally you click on OK button and your data is filtered. Must Watch Video for easy learning to how to use Advanced Filter.