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What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language for describing web pages
  • HTML stand for Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • A markup language is a set of Markup tags
  • HTML documents are described of HTML tags
  • Each HTML tag describes different document content.
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How to Create HTML Page?

  1. Open Simple Notepad on your system from start menu
  2. Type the HTML code in Notepad file.
  3. Save this file with the name of Page with html file type Example (index.html)


You must the <body> element  in the first example we created. Everything inside this element is shown inside the main browser window.


Before the <body> element you will often see a <head> element. This contains information about the page (rather than information that is shown with in the main part of the browser window that is highlighted in blue on the opposite page.) You will usually find a <title> element inside the <head> element.


The contents of the <title> element are either shown in the top of the browser, above where you usually type in the URL of the page you want to visit, or on the tab for that page (if your browser uses tabs to allow you to view multiple pages at the same time).

Basic Structure of HTML

In this picture we are showing you a basic and compulsory structure of HTML.

basic structure of html

Result shown on your browser

Basic Structure result shown on browser

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